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5.0 out of 5 stars Not a leisurely trip up the Hudson…., May 26, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

The second in Lynda Engler’s excellent “Into the Outside” post apocalyptic trilogy.

The Yellow zone refer to the heavily contaminated urban centres that are marked in yellow on the maps of the post apocalyptic world. True to form Lynda gives us a truly human perspective on this world in ruins. For those of us who did not read the books in sequence we are given a useful introduction in the form a pre-apocalyptic flashback of the grandfather of the protagonists, Isabella and Luke. The flashback relates how he was propelled by the death of his mother at the hands of terrorists, and was enabled by his fathers inheritance to build the elaborate shelter from which Isabella eventually felt compelled to escape.

Her brother-cousin (you’ll have to read the first book to understand their biological relationship) pursues her on the understanding that there are eventual plans to eradicate the mutants that Isabella has made her new family. Whilst on their trail Luke is captured and taken to a large military shelter complex before his gene pool is deemed too damaged by the radiation and biohazards to be of any use to those running the shelter network (Isabella is already considered a lost cause in this regard).

He escapes, having learnt that extermination of the mutants is to be achieved by sending them into the cities to clean up the contaminated areas. This in turn rapidly speeds up the time frame in which those living in the shelters can return outside and displace the “new humans” who have adapted to the hostile environment. The process is further accelerated by the prospect of a scientist developing a genealogical cure that would immunise people against the hostile environment of the Outside and which could also promise to overcome some of the worst mutations of the new humans.

Rather than the leisurely journey up the Hudson envisioned by Isabella, warning mutant tribes of something that might happen in fifty years time. Luke pursues her in the hope of warning her that the danger is far more immediate than she can imagine. Lynda Engler’s Into the Outside trilogy is a unique take on the post apocalyptic genre. We await the conclusion with anticipation, and as quickly as we want that conclusion to arrive, we may have to wait a year or two. Oh well, you can’t rush something this good.

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Audio book reviews from Amazon for Into the Outside:

on March 2, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

Excellent post apocalyptic book!

Into the Outside was a great post apocalyptic book about a family living in an underground shelter after a nuclear war had destroyed most of humanity. The people who did manage to survive outside of a shelter mutated. The mutants mature much faster and have shorter life spans due to all the toxins left from the war. Isabella is part of a shelter family. She sees a family of mutants on their land and gets curious enough to sneak out and meet them. After realizing that they aren’t much different from her, she decides to leave her sheltered life and venture out into the world. Not only have people mutated, but the animals have as well. Some of the people mutated into something much worse, eaters! Excellent performance by Carlo Libertini. Looking forward to book 2!

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Book reviews from Amazon for Into the Outside:

Amazon 5 starsA well earned 5 STARS!

on June 28, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Lynda Engler hooks you from the very beginning with her tales of Malcolm and the other mutants of the outside. These mutants are the descendents of those caught out in the open when the world fell to shambles in massive terrorist attack that left the world without electronics and radiation that mutated many of the land’s inhabitants.

Lynda brings the troubles of both the shelter people and outsiders to life in such a way that it truly makes you wondered if this could really happen. She combines the action/adventure of the outside with an uncanny love story that truly melts the heart.

If you’re looking for your next post apocalyptic story that hits home then I full heartedly suggest checking Into the Outside out!

Amazon 5 stars Imaginative, Fast-paced, Post-Apocalyptic Tale

on May 26, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

This review is also posted on Goodreads….

First let me say that although this is supposed to be a YA book, I am far from young and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It will definitely be going on my “keep-for-grandkids-when-older” shelf. This post-Apocalyptic tale will have you thinking of the real possibilities of life like this and wanting more of Belle’s story to unfold. A keeper for sure!

Amazon 5 starsGreat Read!!! I loved it!!!

on August 26, 2015
Format: Paperback

I received this as a gift and I loved it!

Into the Outside by Lynda Engler and Henry Dixon is a fantastically written Young Adult dystopian novel that takes place in the future. After the big war, almost all humans have been killed by chemical warfare. Those few who lived underground, have survived, but on the outside are those known as mutants. The mutants live a very short life due to the poisons they are exposed to on earth. Acid rain, contaminated soil and water is a constant worry. One young man named Malcolm is the leader of his mutant tribe and he takes them on a journey to find a better home. In the middle of it all is Isabella, a young woman born in the underground and in perfect health. Intrigued by what is on the outside, Isabella dawns a protective suit and meets Malcolm. Will she risk everything for a man she hardly knows or stay in the underground protected? This is a must read!!!! I can’t wait for the sequel! A++

Read more reviews on Amazon. The reviews prior to July 2015 were for the 6-chapter preview that was originally published as the short story “Into the Outside: Out of EWR.”

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