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Amazon Breakthrough Novel AwardThe Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) is an annual contest sponsored by, Penguin Group, Hewlett Packard, CreateSpace and BookSurge to publish and promote a manuscript by an unknown or unpublished author.

5000 entries were received and the first round elimination to 1000 titles was achieved based on the “pitch” to the publisher. The second round brought the competition down to the top 250 novels, and that was based on the excerpt, and evaluated by Amazon editors.

Into the Outside (working title: Out of Ewr) made it into the Top 250 titles in the 2012 competition. 

I am extremely pleased to be in the Top 250 of 5000 submissions. Thank you to all my friends, family, and reviewers who have critiqued the manuscript to date!

Two reviews from the ABNA website:

Review #1:
What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?
Absolutely everything. The whole story was just incredible. I especially liked the two stories/lives running side by side. Two different ways of living born of the same tragic destruction. I loved the mutations of the people and the adaptations they were forced into. It really is an intriguing tale.

What aspect needs the most work?
I wouldn’t change a thing. I liked it just the way it was.

What is your overall opinion of this excerpt?
I am not at all a fan of “futuristic” fiction. It usually paints the world so bleak and weirdly to me, I can’t hack it. This world created by this author should be bleak, based on the destruction of most of the world. But it’s not at all depressing, in fact in a lot of ways I found it enchanting. I was immediately attracted to ALL of the characters and intrigued by the way they are living their lives. I was drawn into the story and absolutely enthralled from the get go. And I am really shocked. The fact that the author has me WANTING to read more of this futuristic tale, scratch that, BEGGING to read more, is quite an accomplishment.  The writing was skilled and flowed beautifully. It really has all the elements of a fantastic work of fiction. I loved it.

What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?
The world-building was the best aspect of this excerpt, Out of Ewr. The reader can imagine a world after a nuclear holocaust. You don’t know exactly what year it is in the future but you know it was after the world had seemingly found peace. However one country felt left out and determined to destroy the rest of the world rendering everyone equal. It didn’t matter to them that 80% of the world’s people had to be annihilated in the process. Most of the people born after the nuclear war were mutants. The story follows a small group of these who accidentally come upon a group of survivors who’ve been living underground. How these two groups will interact will undoubtedly prove interesting.

What aspect needs the most work?
The story starts off halting as if the author is finding his confidence. However by the fourth page I was into it. Like many good tales it doesn’t start with a bang, but if you stick with it you will be rewarded. I felt for the survivors. However it was also a stressful read because it’s difficult thinking about an apocalypse. The devastation of our planet and the humans on it.

What is your overall opinion of this excerpt?
Overall, this was a solid, well-written excerpt. I think it will appeal to both young adults and adults. It’s intelligently written, not talking down to its readers. It explained how the world came to its present state. Also it was interesting how the surviving humans who did not have mutations thought of the mutants as non-human. However, to me, the mutants seemed more gentle and human than those who were not mutated.  I would read the entire novel if it’s published.

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